Screen Printing

Fast & Economical / Durable / Large Product Range / Perfect Colour Matching

Here at TShirts Only we print with the latest automatic printing presses giving us the capability to print upto 13 individual colours and handle any job no matter how big or small. Whether its 20 t-shirts or 20,000 our dedicated team of experienced screen printers work tirelessly to provide a fast and high quality service and in most cases we can have your job ready for shipping within 48-72 hours. We also offer a 12-24 hour express service for those urgent last minute jobs.


Screen printing is a labour intensive process, your job will pass through a number of stages before you have your finished garment. First of all our team of experienced designers will convert your design to create a print friendly file. The graphic is separated by color, as each colour will be printed using a seperate screen. Each screen is prepared using light sensitive emulsion which transforms your design into a stencil for the ink to be pushed through. These screens are then aligned to ensure accurate colour registration and hand mixed ink is added to each screen Once our screen printer has loaded the garment onto the machine the ink is pushed onto the surface of the garment 1 colour at a time. Once each colour has been printed the garment is unloaded and placed on a conveyor oven, which heats and cures the ink to create a long lasting print. As the tshirt exits the drier it is collected, folded and packed by of our print assistants ready to be shipped to our happy customer.


We use the Pantone Matching System to ensure accurate print colour reproduction, utilising 1867 different colours Pantone is the industry standard for ink colour. Colour matching begins when we first receive your artwork, ideally you would supply us with the Pantone Coated references for each colour in your artwork. However if this is not possible one of our experienced designers will closely match each colour in your artwork to a PMS colour. Where possible we will add the chosen colours to your initial digital mockup for approval, if you are worried about colour representation feel free to chat to your sales rep who can provide a digital pantone chart for your reference.

Once we have the final approved colours the ink is mixed using formulated weight ratios and our experienced colour technicians eye to create a match. Using this system allows us to provide accurate colour reproduction every time you order.


Screen Printing is used for orders over 15 units on all garment types. It is perfect for small runs with limited colours, larger jobs of upto 13 print colours and most things in between. Price is calculated on print quantity, garment type, number of colours in the artwork and number of print positions.

If you are looking to keep the cost down think about limiting the number of print colours and positions, lighter coloured garments are also more cost effective.