Full Colour / Ultra Fine Detail / Durable / High Stretchability

Supacolour is a brand new print technology that allows the reproduction of complex and fine detail logos on a super fine and flexible vinyl like material, which is then heat applied to the garment. TShirtsOnly is one of a small handful of companies with access to this technology and is at the forefront of its use in Australia. It can reproduce your logo perfectly without a need to compromise.


Supacolour is a similar process to vinyl transfers your design is printed onto a clear medium and pressed to the garment using heat and pressure. Where Supacolour differs is that is doesn’t require weeding which alllows us to reproduce logos with smaller text and finer detail. It is also a lot softer and thinner allowing much more scope for it’s use.


Supercolour is perfect for ultra fine text and details and has a very high vibrancy. It has a high stretchability and is extremely robust meaning it can be applied on a large range of fabrics and across seams.

more options….


Supasub is perfect for when the detail in a logo can’t be reproduced with embroidery but you still want the look of embroidery. Supasub is perfect for products where Supacolour isn’t viable like beanies and scarves.


Supaetch creates a laseretched suede patchthat is laser-cut then overlocked onto a range of products like, headwear, bags, blankets, beanies and scarves. The stylish finish is subtle yet effective, with a high perceived value and retail look.


Supaflex offers high detail logos with a matte or gloss finish and attached with embroidery for a quality result. Supaflex is perfect for Caps, Bags, Beanies and Scarves.